Singapore Eats: Atlas Coffeehouse


Atlas Coffeehouse

Cuisine: Cafe

Location: Bukit Timah
Price range: ££

Atlas coffeehouse is very popular with cafe hopers in Singapore. The coffee house has a simplistic yet earthy design, with industrial cemented walls and large windows  – the window seats provide the right amount of sunlight for a picture perfect coffee shot. The menu is rather contemporary and includes  buttermilk waffles, pancakes and super-bowls


Malacca, Malaysia

Malacca (Melaka in Malay) is located in the southern region of Malaysia. It can easily be covered in 2 days, making it a perfect place to spend the weekend and take a break from the hustle and bustle of Singapore.

Spent the first day taking in the culture, Malacca is a multi-religious society with numerous historical building, places and diverse cuisine.  We visited the Straits Chinese Jewellery Museum, Christ Church,  Cheng Hoon Teng Temple, Jonker Walk in Chinatown and took a walk around the river.

In terms of food, we started off with chicken rice balls at the famous ‘Kedia Kopi Chung Wah’, then had the best brunch at ‘The Daily Fix’, and drinks at the much raved about ‘The Baboon House’. We continued with the famous and incredibly creamy ‘Hokkaido Icecream’ and had even more amazing dessert at ‘The Bikini Top’. The second day, started off with pandan pancakes at ‘The Daily Fix’, followed by some local food like cendol and nasi lemak. For dinner, we tried the amazing Indian food at ‘Pak Putra Tandoori & Naan Restaurant’. In the evening we visited the night market at Jonker Walk and tried a little of all the street food the market offered.

The city definitely has a charm and defies those who believe the city has nothing to offer. Though Malacca is very small, it has so much history, culture and amazing food which makes the city a must-visit.

Tips for a weekend trip in Malacca:

  • Be very aware of your surrounding and pay extra attention to your belongings (keeping your bag in front of you is always a good idea )
  • You can easily buy bus tickets online. Arrive early as buses from Singapore tend to leave early/right on time. A round trip is about 40 $SGD
  • It’s pretty hot all year round, pack light clothing
  • Food: The street food is a gem and must try – it is the perfect way to try different food the city has to offer. Do the night market at Jonker walk. I highly recommend the pandan pancakes with Gula Melaka at ‘The Daily Fix‘(anticipate the long wait for a table on weekends), ‘Sin See Tai’ and having the coconut ice cream at ‘Bikini Toppings‘ plus The Baboon House, and Pak Putra Tandoori & Naan Restaurant

Singapore Eats: kosnica




Cuisine: Dessert, Cafe.

Location: Duxton
Price range: ££

Right on Duxton Road, Kosnica, specialising in desserts made from their own honey and only the freshest ingredients, serves some of the fluffiest and aesthetically pleasing waffles in the city. The staff is very welcoming and will happily pair your choice of gelato to the perfect waffle.

The café has a simple theme, with white walls and  honeycomb-patterned decor. It’s cosy atmosphere with friendly service, makes for a perfect Sunday afternoon.

Worth ordering: Mixed waffle, a winning combo of Matcha, buttermilk and red velvet flavours. Paired with Salted caramel and hazelnut gelato. or the Red velvet waffle paired with duo chocolate gelato.  For the lovers of super sweet, ask for some of their homemade honey to top it off…AMAZING!!! Finish off with the signature honey lemon tea or for a cold refreshing drink, the konisca honey yuzundae.


Singapore Eats: Symmetry

Screen Shot 2017-03-19 at 18.21.56


Cuisine: Al fresco, Bar, Cafe.

Location: Arab Street
Price range: ££

Tucked away in the hip Arab street area, Symmetry offers a charming al fresco dining area and different menues to suit every taste. The white and green house with the writing  ‘Music Food Coffee Wine’ is one you cannot miss. The atmosphere is casual with great tunes, making it the perfect place to relax after a long day of exploring the city.


Singapore Eats: Luxe

Screen Shot 2017-03-19 at 18.04.31


Cuisine: All-day dining, Cafe.

Location: Keong Saik Road, China Town
Price range: £££

The China Town area, if you wander around offers a street of cafe’s and restaurants  – Keong Saik.  Luxe has a minimalistic influence with cut straight and high levelled wooden tables which also give a trendy aesthetic. The menu offers contemporary Australian cuisine with Asian accents, including a list of dishes like Grilled Barramundi, Angus Ribeye or Sakura Chicken best enjoyed with their flavourful coffee.