Shanghai, China.



It is such a difficult task to fit my description of Shanghai into a few words.  The ‘Paris of the East’ as it’s referred to- leaves up to the name. It is a cosmopolitan metropolis, famed for its beautiful skyline, modern architecture and buzzing nightlife. Not to mention, Shanghai is perfect for the adventurous at heart and foodies alike. There is so much to explore!  Never a dull moment with numerous activities and places to visit.

Shanghai has a good mesh of ancient and modern China. The Pudong area is what I like to describe as ‘new China’.  Undergoing fast development, it is extravagant, luxurious and has the richest collections of Art Deco architecture in the world. I would walk on the pedestrian bridges to soak in the gorgeousness of the area and take pictures because of the amazing angles it offered. The pearl tower, JIn Mao Tower and the World Financial Centre located in Lujiazui area of Pudong  are sights not to be missed.  An easily accessible area, just hop on the Metro line 2 and you are on route to new discoveries.

Head over to YuYuan (Metro line 10) to see the ancient and traditional side of Shanghai. Yuyuan is known as the old city, in the area, you would find Chinese architecture and ancient buildings. It is the home to the historic Yuyuan Garden and famous YuYuan Market which are worth visiting.

In conclusion, there is always something to do (seriously, friends I made in Shanghai who have lived there for years still haven’t visited all the places on their lists). If you are in search of a new adventure, love trying new cuisines and shopping (great prices) in a city with an amazing (and inexpensive) transport system then plan a trip to Shanghai.


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