Shanghai: A Foodie’s Dairy

With  many Chinese restaurants and a huge array of western restaurants, Shanghai is literally a foodies dream! The city is well-known for its Xialongbao (Soup filled dumplings), a Shanghainese cuisine you can’t afford to miss.  I discovered the most delectable and authentic cuisines (Chinese, French, Italian, Thai, Indian, Korean & Mexican) through my explorations around  Jing’an and the French concession area.

For my Vegan readers

I  had some delicious vegan meals! Although Vegan and Vegetarian chains are not as common in the city, you would definitely find some good options (download the app HIShanghai to search for some).

Grocery Shopping ? 

When I got time over the weekends I would cook. There are a few western grocery stores around town. I did most of my shopping at Carrefour, located right on level B1 of the Cloud Nine Shopping Mall. When I wasn’t bothered to go as far, I hopped on the bus to Lujiazui and walked over to City’ Super. City’ Super  is located  on level 1 of the IFC mall (Metro stop Lujiazui, Line 2). It  is rather expensive when compared to Carrefour (Metro stop Zhongshan Park, Line 2).

Top Chinese Eats

Trust me when I say there are too many restaurants and cafes to visit on just one trip to the city (For more restaurants, bars and cafes to visit, check out my Pinterest account). Despite being spoilt for choice, here are two of my favourites;

Yang's Dumpling

Yang’s Dumpling (Yang’s Fry Dumpling)
Cuisine: Shanghainese, Chinese, Dim Sum
Location: Lujiazui
Price Range : £

Well-known for its pan-fried pork dumplings (shengjian bao). The long lines for the  dumplings at Yang’s are completely understandable. Perfect to have after exploring the Lujiazui area. Yang’s is located very close to the Pearl tower, closest metro station is Lujiazui.

Website – unfortunately, there is no website available.

For more information click here

Happy Kitchen Restaurant

Cuisine: Chinese, Hot pot
Location: Lujiazui
Price Range: £

(Hot pot has a history of more than 1,000 years and is very popular in East Asia. It involves cooking fresh ingredients in a shimmering metal pot which is left at the centre of the dining table).

Hot pot is a delightful experience worth sharing with friends or family.  Happy Kitchen is undeniably a hidden treasure.  There is an area to create your own dips which make the hotpot taste even better. Getting a set plate and sharing a pot would work out cheaper. It is conveniently located on the same street as Yang’s (mentioned above) in the Lujiazui area.

Website – Unfortunately there is none available.

Alternative Hai Di Lao

Cuisine: Cantonese, Shanghainese, Hot Pot Chain.


Location: Changshou Road

Price Range: ££

Legendary for providing an entertaining hotpot experience in a modern environment. Hai Di Lao is one of the best hotpot locations in town.

Website: Unfortunately there is none available.

For more information click here


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