Shanghai: Where to go & things to see

shanghai view from the bund

The Bund – a trip to Shanghai is not complete without a visit to the waterfront area of the city. It faces and offers the view of Pudong which every tourist wants to see and as you can imagine it is extremely busy. I recommend going really early in the morning on a clear day.  There are also some historical statues along the bund.  The surrounding architecture which has different influences from Victorian Gothic to  Art- Deco, is very beautiful and a most see at night. One of the most famous buildings around the Bund is Peace hotel (with the Green roof).  I loved my breezy walks along the bund.  The closest Metro is East Nanjing Metro station.

 Shanghai Tianzifang

The French Concession – this remains my favourite area in Shanghai. The area is surrounded by beautiful trees which give it a unique look and makes it easy to identify a specific location as part of the former French Concession. You would also notice the mid-rise buildings with a European style. My best discovery was Tianzifang, which has a combination of bars, restaurants, shops and art. It was a nice place to get away from the hustle and bustle of Shanghai. I had really authentic Indian cuisine at Lotus Land before wandering around the area.

Xintiandi was also a beautiful area to have dinner. It has one of the best restaurants serving local Shanghainese local cuisine (Din Tai Fung). If you have a foreign craving, Xintiandi is one area with diverse restaurants serving up international cuisines.  My friends and I usually had dinner at Din Tai Fung (best placed for steamed dumplings in Shanghai) followed by drinks at Dr. Bar  after a long day at work.

Yong Kang Lu is a very famous street among the expat community. There are many bars, café and restaurants conveniently located together on one street.  Make sure to check out El Luchador, they are well known for their Tacos (30 RMB each) and Margaritas. I also highly recommend Café Del Volcan for one of the best coffees in the city.  To satisfy my fashion desire,  I walked around the Iamp mall which is located right next to South Haungpi metro station, Exit 6/7. It has a luxurious interior, modern feel and contemporary art exhibits from around the world. My best parts to wander around after dinner in the French concession were Tiaziafang and Xintiandi

 Xintiandi – If you do not have time to explore the whole of the French concession area, then  check out this        energetic eating area.  Amongst its many bars and restaurants, lie shops and a fantastic mall (K11 Art Mall). Not to mention, it is perfect to  wander around after dinner.


Nanjing Lu

Nanjing Lu – this street is beautiful at night and most of my evening strolls to the Bund after work started here. It is one of the busiest shopping streets in China and you can find almost everything you want from mind blowing flying toys and selfie sticks on the street sides to beauty, fashion and souvenir stores. Get off the metro at East Nanjing Road on Line 2.

Things to do in Shanghai. Visit Yu yuan garden

Yu Yuan – located in the old city with more traditional architecture. It is home to Yu Market and The Yu Yuan gardens. The Yu Yuan garden has been described as one of the most beautiful places in Shanghai and it leaves up to the description.  I spent some weekend around Yu Yuan because of the ancient feel and Chinese architecture. There are tea houses, famous dumpling shops and local desserts around the area.  The entry into Yu Yuan garden costs about 40 RMB for students and closes by 4:30. Get off at the metro at Yu Yuan Garden on line 10

things to do in Shanghai

Acrobats show – This cultural activity is mind blowing! I have never seen anything as intriguing. From spinning of plates on skinny sticks to crazy bike tricks. It is a must see.

See/have drinks with a view at Jin Mao Tower, the Pearl Tower and the World Financial Centre-  after work on weekdays, my friends and I headed to the tallest buildings in Shanghai to have drinks with a view. we went to Park Hyatt on the 92nd floor of the World Financial Centre, the highest bar in Shanghai for free drinks (look out for ladies night on Wednesdays for free drinks at Park Hyatt).

Here are the things on my list which I haven’t ticked off;

Shanghai Zoo to see some Pandas

Shanghai Science and Technology Museum

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